Why You Should Go to the Dentist to Whiten Your Teeth

Are you worried that coffee and red wine are dulling your smile? If you’re like most, you’ve probably seen countless advertisements for products that promise a ‘Hollywood smile in no time at all’. From teeth whitening rinses to gel strips, the modern consumer is inundated with home remedies for yellow or dulled teeth.

Pharmacy Brand Whitening 

While at first it may seem like over-the-counter options are cheaper, the sheer number of times you’ll need to use these pharmacy brands generally results in higher costs long term. Moreover, the whitening effect is not nearly as prominent and/or the results do not last very long.

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach also does not take into consideration individual factors such as crowns and root canal treated teeth, which must be addressed properly during the whitening process.

How Your Dentist Will Whiten Your Teeth

A dentist uses professional-grade solution to remove deep stain from your teeth. This will not only act faster but with more reliability and safety than any store-bought solution.  If you have any tooth sensitivity or tooth decay, your dental professional will take appropriate measures to remove decay beforehand and/or minimize sensitivity during the whitening process.  It is the highest priority of the professional to keep inflammation to the gums and surrounding tissue as low as possible during whitening.  Finally, your dentist will also instruct you on habits you can adopt to minimize further staining of your teeth once whitening is complete.

Combination Method

While the dentist-administered method is the best, some patients find that using over-the-counter products can help to maintain the achieved results. Patients must keep in mind however that too much whitening can be detrimental as it may cause a ‘greying’ or ‘see-through’ effect on the teeth.  Your dentist will instruct you on the ideal length of time to employ whitening agents.

Whitening your teeth in the safest way possible can give a huge boost to your confidence and well-being. However, like most health and beauty treatments, the method by which you accomplish this is best left to a trusted professional. For the best teeth whitening results, call Beechgrove Family Dental today to book an appointment.