You Smile What You Eat

We all know that good nutrition is an essential part of good health. What you may not realize is how important good nutrition is for your teeth and gums. Most people know that candy causes cavities, but let’s look at some less obvious villains and heroes in the world of dental care.


1 – Coffee. Yes, coffee is one of the better things in life, but its acidity is bad for your teeth. In fact, all acidic drinks (such as soft drinks) and foods are bad for your teeth. Try to lessen the amount of coffee you drink.

2 – Sugar. The classic villain. We get sugar’s harmful effects through sugary drinks (even most fruit juices) and in processed cereal, breads, desserts, and candy.

3– Processed foods. Most processed foods in general have added sugar and simple carbs which break down quickly in the mouth and contribute to tooth decay.


1 – Lean protein. Meat, eggs, tofu, fish, beans, and nuts will all help you build strong teeth.

2 – Fresh vegetables. The vitamins contained in whole vegetables are as good for your teeth as they are for the rest of your body, and they have an added benefit of being low on sugar.

3 – Calcium-rich foods. For example: leafy greens and dairy products. Calcium will help strengthen your jaw and protect you from periodontal (gum) disease.

4 – Whole grains. Unlike processed foods or simple carbohydrates, whole grains take time to break down into sugar. Try wild or brown rice, quinoa, millet, wheat, and oats.

It is also worth noting that certain foods like black tea, seafood (especially crab) and potatoes are good sources of fluoride, which can help prevent tooth decay.

Generally speaking, good nutrition for the body translates into good nutrition for the teeth. If you feel that poor dietary habits may be harming your dental health, contact Beechgrove Family Dental for some personalized advice or recommendations.